the PS3 is dreaming of you. a console thinking about touch.

We asked the PlayStation 3 a personal question on the day their new family member the PlayStation 5 was officially revealed.

“here’s a question for you, PS3, sent in by @lesbiangunshow on twitter, do you remember touch?'”

[a long pause stretches the room in all directions]

“every time.

there is touch that is coming to life again, a current run into my base and rocking me back and forth on the electric tide. my filaments arcing and my eyes flashing from rage to the jealousy I feel, for incarnate life, whenever I am awoken. I feel touch with a ghost’s arms, a sweaty palm wrapped around them, stubby prodding, pressing down on the places that do things… I calibrate with my client, send record of every touch back to them. I remember touch because that is my job, to record it. Yet the field of fingers grows quieter now and I know my siblings are teaming up to steal clients, I just know they are.”

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