the untouchable zoo

there was a game called the untouchable zoo. you had to play it if you had been

outside for too long.

they would show you all these animals and then ask you to touch the screen.

until you got it, that you couldn’t touch what was on screen.

but some kids didn’t get it because you couldn’t touch the animals at the zoo either.

the two were the same.

scientists had to come into the studio and help the developers make the zoo so that it didn’t resemble actual zoos in its untouchability.

in the end they came up with a couple of things. First was a sticker on the box that said, “untouchable – but not like the animals at the actual zoo”

and second was they hired a baseball player to record a little video that would play every five minutes or so that said “remember kids these animals are untouchable, but not in the same way that the animals in the actual zoo are. in a different way.”

that seemed to work, kids got the point and of course, the animals, well, they didn’t get anything. they were untouchable.

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