Games i liked 2022

Games i liked of 2022 in no particular order

1. Signalis – brutal space murders in space with radiation sickness gay girl robot replica illness crushing systems of imperial destruction. queering being gay. defeat. meet the robots who are gay clones in the sadness future and you descend deeper and deeper until… is anything recognisable anymore… excellent.

2. Elden Ring – big “what the fuck?” type game. Had me verbalising surprise, delight, awe and frustration like little else. Argues for itself by looking like that, then fills its world with a genuinely horrible romantic fantasy, very ready to bury you in rotting flesh, murder puppets and too many fingers.

3. Titanic II – an award winning sequel to a James Cameron mega success, released in 2022, no it’s not Avatar 9: The Power of Piss, it’s something much better. My Body Lies Under The Ocean.

4. Immortality – they put ideas in a video game finally, and it’s about as boring as you could be about such great ideas.

5. Gardens of Vextro – they were vextro, the gardens, and vextro good they were too! A chain of games that respond to each other, something that is divisible but whole, labyrinthine garden path of emotion.

6. Scorn – guh horrible 😉

7. Domino Club – wow you did it again domino club, over 50 new games, and i played all of them? Even made a couple? Fucking bangers each and every one!

8. Dwarf Fortress – where are all these shells being stored coming from, oh now it’s flooding, baby unhappy, hamster remains and i was delighted by the memory of it… a real achievement

9. Boyish Loser – em reed won that crab toy fair and square.

10. 32768 – you can edit with the wonder of clicking and create wonderful patchworks. I like it a lot.

Thanks everyone. You’re all stars in my book of wonder! Glad to have been read by a bunch of people across lots of different interests in games and writing this year, it’s meant a lot in a hectic time.

Didn’t play all the games i wanted to but they’re still around for next year, played a lot of stuff i Didn’t want to for not nearly enough money, and honestly found well promoted indie games and conversations around them, and related type things, wanting for something like historical perspective or just, taking a step back from the grift for a bit.

Hopefully that’s a list with enough to represent this weird old year and check back in in the new year when i might have a tv again! See you at the movies.

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