Heavens to Bitsy

Listening to the 1994 album Calculated, by riot grrrl punk band Heavens to Betsy, and playing games made with Adam Le Doux’s game making tool Bitsy. Get it??

These games were submissions to August’s 2020’s Bitsy Game Jam – ‘Ghost ships’.

Track 1 : Nothing Can Stop Me / La Boum by Paulette

“I got a heart that’s true
I got some things i must do
I know that everything’s fucked up
but I am not ever gonna shut up.”

Track 2: Decide / Ghost Ship Fishing Trip by Brandon Thread

“Waiting on tomorrow
Waiting on a fairy tale
You get rid of all those traps they have set around you
But can you get rid of that seed they planted in your head?”

Track 3: Stay Away / on a clear day by janosc

“I still breathe I’m still alive
there’s things that you can’t take inside
my love my life my words my heart
are things that you can’t take apart
oh, I could do this a million times
I’m one of the bravest girls alive”

Track 4: Calculated / Crossing Through by Leslie

“I’ve got a knife that’s sharpened
Exactly for one white boy
My target is your heart
And the knife will go deep,
the knife will go inside”

Track 5: Waitress Hell / deep dark hunger by asteroidskeeper

“Bring a million different things
to my table on a silver platter
You’ve got nothing better to do
If you smile really big
and kiss my whiney ass
Maybe you’ll get a dollar today”

Track 6: Intermission 247 / Century’s Cursed Crew by efreeteater


Track 7: axemen / Elfship by ducklingsmith

“Do you wanna live this teenage dream?
The punk white privileged scene
Oh quarterback, I’ll steal your axe
And cut it out of here”

Track 8: Donating My Body To Science / Ghost Ship by tyedye105

“If you dissect it, you can control it
If you can name it then you can own it
I don’t wanna play Operation anymore
I’m tired of ending up with my organs on your floor”

Track 9: Terrorist /A Captain by zverrik

“You follow me on the fucking street
You make me feel like a piece of meat
You think I don’t know what war means
Now I’m the terrorist, see how it feels”

Track 10: Complicated / Lost At Sea by Terrarium

“All I know is anger that is real
I barely know how true goodness feels
I don’t even know how to feel
I know I built walls all around
I’m begging you to knock them down
But yours are just as big and mean as mine”

Track 11: White Girl / Another Night Waiting by vaporwavewarlock

“It’s a privilege, it’s a background
It’s everything that I own
It’s thinking I’m the hero
of this pretty white song
It’s thinking I’m the hero
of this pretty white world.”

Track 12: Paralyzed / Too Late, Larry by Peter Februar

“cause I’ve seen you in the sky
How did you get so high?
Cause I don’t know how to fly
And you leave me paralyzed
I wonder why only some of us get to touch the sky?”

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