through the eye. poem

aiming. Serotonin burger for the gills, push meat in between the sills. Planet made of light, I tell you, thinking of the thin king who rules my 15 hearts.

Locking in. Automatic

From the rooftop.

Give them the 1 through the eye. Another in the blood packet. Wait til you get one too. Return. and give em 1 thru the eye, 1 thru the blood packet 2. w8 u get 1 2 rerun 1 2 eye 1 2 bludpack 2. 81212122.

Alexander’s towel rail taken to the face

in the bathroom of the megamillionaire, paid the intelligence service to buy off your ex-mob-boss. assets all left behind.

“The bastard criminal who sent you on this job has already double crossed.”

A family of glass colliders. Thrilling bullet skin.

of me and the salary-paid-for triangular mesh model.

in the cold wind and rain of a dark night metropolis

a thin laser light shard.

bullet to the busting bloodchest.

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