Behind Closed Doors in The Stanley Parable

photo essay: The Stanley Parable as explored using Source engine console commands for unlocking doors and adapting field of vision.

CAUTION: If trying this in-game exploration yourself – visual distortions occur in the spaces behind some doors causing potentially dangerous bright, heavy contrast/image bleeding glitches. These images avoid capturing that effect.

a game all about closed doors. you open some of them. find the architecture of the experience behind.

Images from The Stanley Parable. A door open in a modern office space. a blank cream wall blocks entry, the numbers 453 float where they would have been on the front of the door before opening.
two office doors, open, occupy the same doorway, one open outward, one inward.
an open door from a blue carpeted lounge looking onto office corridor and another open door to a dark room, with the number 450 hovering in the air
a doorframe with no door, only the number 430 where a door would have been.
a white and blue brick doorway with a caution sign reading 'Caution: Do not lie. If you are lying right now, stop.' the open door looks onto office corridor where the doors are all open jutting out into the corridor space.
the outside of a warehouse loading bay, gate half open, looking onto a white delivery van. Around the outside edge of the gate is concrete and corrugated ground, around that is white empty space.
An empty office doorframe on the corner of a corridor, in the frame is  blank grey space.
office corridor with cream walls, tiled ceiling, blocked off by a placeholder wall asset, dark grey with WALL 128. 128 printed in top left corner.
open door in white and grey brick stairwell with blue banister, door leading to white brick wall
open door to broom closet, with planks boarding up the room blocking entry, however the door has still managed to open.
Open door at end of metal walkway  next to racks of boxes, leading to white brick wall
Underground room with white grey brick, concrete floor, three doors all open inwards. Left to right, red door, blue door, grey door with light above. Red and blue lead on to corridors, grey has brick wall behind it.
close up on vision through open door 2B1, appears to open onto a void space that allows other rooms to be seen. In this case the floor of the warehouse, a metal gangway and the level above it.
Office corridor, room 413 door is closed, around the corner from open door leading to room. door is the famously locked behind you door from the left side of the first in game choice.
Inside of office 417. Two desks against back wall, with one computer terminal and keyboard, and cardboard boxes on top, a grey office chair and papers on the floor. A window on the right and close up of open door, on left a close up of stepladder in the room. A clock on the far wall.
Open door onto office in corridor, with number 445 hovering in doorway. In room is an office as described in former image. desk, computer, chair, boxes.
red doorframe, concrete floor, in white bricked corridor with band of red. Doorframe leads to white brick.
Dark stairwell, white brick. Glitched stairs with blue banisters, with no visible faces underneath the one flight you're beneath, and a missing step from the start of the flight to the front-right of you.
Office corridor, central are two doorways in a corner at end of corridor. one on left closed with the number 427 on, the right open, leading to black space. 
Doors flanked on left by corridor window from an office space. on right by three filing cabinets.
vans waiting in warehouse bay. left, open warehouse corrugated steel door with B on, leading to small space surrounded by a white void.  right, the nose of a  white van in foreground and background.
Dark corridor white brick, with red doorframe leading to elevator doors. with message written in bold, dark sans-serif capitalised font, bordered by yellow/black diagonal line border. Reading 'YOU ARE NOW LEAVING'
office room, empty, overhead lighting tiles, no door in doorway. flanked by greyed out windows.