review poem: a slow walk on The Longest Road on Earth (demo)

I spend a lot of time walking around earphones on in the grey light of the Scottish day, half the time listening to music that affects me more than any game

ever really has, the swelling in the back, auditory processing override music.

The Longest Road on Earth drawn. us into noir urban mileui. switching characters and sound overlays.

In the slow paced movements of each action. connected by closeups.


you linger as long as you need, just as I fixed on the lamp,

Later, two eating in synchronicity

office individualism and the canteen hall, piqued.

cold warm, living through soundtrack back and forth.

There are lines like this throughout, musics that lead from new folk and synthesised noise.

The only urgency comes with the pace rising

in the place of a rebellious bull on a snowday, running and jumping through snowpiles.

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