Dominique Pamplemousse, My Hero

Private eye, your eyes so bulgy and wide,
Longing for justice, longing for a better life,
from a cardboard office, down to your last buck,
Dominique, I wish you all the best luck.

Two clay figures (Dominique and landlord) conversing by the door of a rundown office with a laptop, scattered papers and torn wallpaper, text reads 'Either you pay up now, or I take your stuff out on the curb and change the locks'

Being a poor genderqueer graduate looking for gig work to avoid homelessness makes Dominique Pamplemousse perhaps the most relatable character working in fiction today. It brings me pure joy to play in the weird minimal world of neo-noir old Hollywood inspired Claymation that Dominique’s office resides in, and to feel the heartachingly real representation of being of marginalised gender and having everybody talk over you while you try not to make it ‘a thing’. Not to mention that, in a classic noir, realistic way, there’s no trusting anyone of ‘legitimate authority’ in Dominique’s world, no real happy endings under capitalism, and no way to stop any of the characters singing their lines.

Let’s all raise a glass for the under-appreciated talents of the singing PI and their creator Squinky!

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